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Nina Simone Tribute web

For her third concert as a headliner at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame’s Jazz Depot, popular vocalist Cynthia Simmons is stepping out into a whole new place.

“The last two shows I did were my own,” she explains. “All I had to do was go out and sing songs I liked to sing. This one is the first time for me to have an artist—who is one of the jazz greats—and a theme.”

The idea for a show featuring the music of iconic performer and composer Nina Simone came about several months ago, Simmons says, during a conversation with Jazz Hall CEO Jason McIntosh.

“Jason said, `You know, we should do a Nina Simone concert, and I think you should produce it,’” she recalls with a chuckle. “And I said, `yes.’ I was familiar with a lot of her tunes, especially some of the later things, and I also…

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