Annie Ellicott and Jay Garrett at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

This is going to be a very unique and special show, if you’re in the area don’t miss it!

Tulsa Jazz

Annie Ellicott Shines with Jay Garrett at Jazz Depot Encore Performance

When it comes to combining two jazz acts on the same stage, Jim Rhea is batting a thousand.

For a show held in November of last year, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Trustee got the idea to combine the jazzy Jon Glazer Trio with Sweeney, Campbell, and Glazer--the rock and soul-oriented act that features Glazer and veteran Tulsa Sound vocalists Jim Sweeney and Chris Campbell. The result was a packed house and a memorable concert.

A few months earlier, Rhea had seen similar success with another inspiration, suggesting to young Tulsa superstar Annie Ellicott that she might try joining forces with vibraphonist and composer Jay Garrett, a Tennessee native with tons of credentials who’d arrived in Tulsa a couple of years earlier.

“Jim introduced me to him,” recalls Ellicott. “I’d never had a vibraphone as one of…

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