The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame presents “Salute to Father’s Day: Thanks, Dad!”

What a way to spend Father’s Day!

Tulsa Jazz

Fathers Day love you

 “Salute to Father’s Day: Thanks, Dad!”

Fathers and Sons in Concert

Quite a while ago-Mike Moore isn’t sure exactly when-plans were floated for a band composed entirely of father and son musicians to play a show for the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. That idea sounded great to Moore and his son David, both of whom are highly regarded trumpeters. 

“We heard about it, and we were excited about it,” Mike recalls. Given the logical opportunity of Father’s Day this year, Mike and David thought it would be good to resurrect the family-band notion, and front a Jazz Depot show.

Despite the fact that they both play the trumpet, David and Mike have found other opportunities to perform together. They held down a regular gig at a Tulsa restaurant, for instance, until the owner decided to stop featuring live music. They occasionally perform together in bandleader Leon Rollerson’s groups. And…

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