Ashby Anderson

Jazz Revolutions Series: Miles Davis and Orion

Muse Creative Workspace and the Jazz Composers Alliance, Inc. hosted the 2011-2012 Jazz Revolutions Concert Series which features re-worked works by Jazz Masters. Orion is an original composition by Ashby Anderson, presented during the November 2011 concert.


An accomplished musician, composer, and performer, Ashby continues to develop cutting edge compositions.  His ensembles, A Work of Art and  his current conceptualizationAura-Glyph, all reflect certain aspects of his creative process and serve as his vehicle for bringing his unique and original sense of jazz to the audience.  Ashby’s CD’s The Calling, A Work of Art, and the Historic Richmond Jazz Suite have all been independently produced.  Each reflect a period in his compositional development which ranges from experimental acoustic jazz, contemporary and traditional trajectories in music.  Ashby’s music has been described as “a frantic wall of sound, featuring threatening horn driven melodic lines.”  If that’s not enough he’s currently working on his own theory of music composition and was awarded a music composition fellowship in jazz from the Virginia Commission of the Arts in 2008.  The only jazz composer in Virginia to receive this award.  His works have been commissioned nationally by Meet the Composer, Commissioning Music USA, National Endowment of the Arts, the Helen F. Whitaker Fund and the Target Foundation.

Ashby is founder and CEO of the 5,000 sq. ft. studio/warehouse called Muse Creative Workspace.  In 2006, Ashby saw something in an old produce warehouse in the heart of Richmond’s oldest neighborhood, Shockoe Bottom.  With a tremendous amount of “sweat equity”, Muse Creative Workspace was born.  The studio is modeled after the 1960s jazz lofts of New York City equip with a baby grand piano, drum set, acoustic bass, Fender Rhodes, and other instruments for various projects and the community.  Muse Creative Workspace provides rehearsal space for large ensembles, a music education program for local Richmond youth aptly titled theRichmond Youth Jazz Guild, a classroom for the creative and office/loft space for Ashby’s ever expanding imagination—even the Richmond Symphony has rehearsed at Muse Creative Workspace.

The Richmond Youth Jazz Guild was founded by Ashby Anderson in 2008 as a way to bring acoustic music and jazz back into the lives of youth in the Richmond metropolitan area.  In February 2008, Ashby opened his studio, Muse Creative Workspace, to provide music lessons for a longtime friend’s son.  Within a few months Ashby saw the future of music instruction and the opportunity to “pass the torch of jazz” to the next generation.

To date, the Richmond Youth Jazz Guild has successfully implemented music lessons for all instruments, produced many student concerts, hosted four consecutive years of summer jazz camp, guided young musicians seeking college admissions for music, produced a music composition workshop for aspiring young composers and joined a national network of community music programs through the renown Berklee College of Music, known as Berklee City Music Network.  Through this partnership, Ashby and the Richmond Youth Jazz Guild have sent three students to the prestigious Berklee Summer Five Week Program and one student was awarded a full tuition scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in 2011.

In 2001, Ashby founded the Jazz Composers Alliance, Inc.The organization became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2004 and serves as a forum for the creation, development, and presentation of original works by jazz composers in Richmond, VA.  Under his direction, the Jazz Composers Alliance, Inc.  has inspired a younger generation of jazz musicians to create, explore and present their original music to the public.  More than 100 concerts or new and original works have been presented in Richmond with more to come.

The following video shows you the very bright future of jazz…thanks for all you do my friend:

The Richmond Youth Jazz Guild Orchestra studied Quincy Jones’ arrangement of Benny Goldson’s composition Killer Joe for a few weeks then did it’s own arrangement of Killer Joe arranged by Ashby Anderson for students of the Richmond Youth Jazz Guild Orchestra.

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