Ester Rada Performing Live at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Tulsa Jazz

Ester Rada

International Music Star Ester Rada Plays Jazz Depot Sunday

Rising international star Ester Rada, an Israeli-born Ethiopian vocalist and songwriter, is set to perform in concert Sunday, June 1, at the Jazz Depot. Her Tulsa visit, during which she will also conduct musical workshops, is co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Tulsa and the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.

“I always liked soul and jazz and all the vintage American music a lot,” says Rada, whose music has been described by Marion Bishop for MTV as “Janelle Monae-style retro-soul with the ’70s-era Ethio-jazz sound.”

“From the moment I started listening to American music it drew me in – Nina Simone and Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder and so many more,” Rada continues. “I was drawn to soul music and blues music, and I knew this was the kind of music I wanted to do. But I wanted it to be…

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