Sandy Gardner “In Her Shoes” at The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Tulsa Jazz



 According to vocalist and bassist Sandy Gardner – who should know – the title of her Sunday Jazz Depot show can be taken a couple of different ways.

“It seems like every time I’m on stage, people want to see what shoes I’m wearing,” she says, laughing. “I guess over the years I’ve collected a pretty cool set of snazzy high-heeled shoes. But beyond the cute-shoe angle, it really refers to the music I’ve selected for this concert, because it encompasses music, from a lot of different eras, which has meant a lot to me in my life.

“Everybody expects us to do music from the Great American Songbook,” she adds, referring to herself and her husband, Chuck, a pianist, arranger, composer, and Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Inductee. “Clearly, we have that on the docket this time. We’re doing a hit of Judy Garland’s, and it’s…

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